Photo Gallery

Stump Grinding

This was a very large Red Oak tree that blew over during a wind storm. The root ball was above the ground, so we didn't want to just pull it out and leave a large hole.

We are able to grind large stumps and roots. We then filled the hole with mulch created during the stump grinding process.

Big Tree Removals

We have the equipment and expertise to remove even the largest trees.

We frequently use a crane to facilitate large tree removals in awkward places.

Saving A Landscape

We "floated" this entire tree (root ball and all) out of a landscape without disrupting the surrounding landscaping.

Odd Projects

Our team cleared out all of the debris lodged in this large clump of bamboo. Sometimes we are able to do odd projects that our customers need.

Nesting Hawks and Chicks

In our business we meet a variety of wildlife species including these nesting hawks. It is alway a joy to see them and we do our best to keep an eye out for their protection.

Stump Grinding

This was a very large Laurel Oak in a back yard surrounded by fence. We have the ability to go through a 36" gate to handle a large stump without damaging or removing the fence.